Monday, April 27, 2015

Enhanced measurement

However Ampere works flawlessly on most of the devices, there are some with faulty firmware. One typical problem is when a device reports "Not Charging" state instead of the "Discharging" state. This is very unfortunate, because Ampere was designed to measure the current only in the "Charging" and "Discharging" states. Even the famous Nexus 7 2013 was plagued with this problem too and therefore it was time to do something.

The solution is the new setting option "Enhanced Measurement". If it is switched on then Ampere tries to measure the discharging current also in the problematic "Not Charging" state.

In this way Ampere is able to measure the discharging current also in the "Not Charging" state.

If it doesn't work then please look whether your device has more than one measurement interface (Basic Settings / Measurement interface) and try to select an other interface.

The new option "Enhanced measurement" is first available in Ampere v1.44.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ampere v1.43

Ampere v1.43 has been published on Google Play.


New functions:
- Setting option for disabling reset button
- Setting option for simple notification

New languages:
- Swedish
- Ukrainian

- StartOnBoot only if notification is enabled
- Greek language
- Polish language

- Settings restructured

Monday, April 13, 2015

Ampere media appearances

VGJFelix runs a technology Youtube channel. He has made countless videos and his channel has over 20,000 subscribers and 12,000,000 views. He is a well established youtuber with a trusted reputation.

And now, he has made a video review of Ampere showing how it works.
Click on picture to start video

See more videos from VGJFelix:

Sunday, April 5, 2015

How to use Ampere on HTC 8

Ampere doesn't worked with the HTC M8. Until now... And here is the description how to use it.

After the App is started, you will realize, that the App shows 0mA, which is because the Lollipop interface is broken for most HTC devices. If you wait a few seconds, the app will ask you whether you would like to use the old measurement  interface. You can say yes, or you can just select the same option in the settings menu.

After the "Old measurement method" is selected, please open the "Measurement interface" selector and select the third interface (like in the picture on the right).

That's it. Now Ampere should show the charging current.

A last issue still exist. Because the firmware reports "not charging" instead of "discharging" in case that the charger is not connected the discharging current will be not shown. While it is sad, it is not tragic. This is unfortunately a firmware problem. Maybe it will be corrected in the next firmware upgrade.

Enjoy! :-)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to watch the power consumption in Android with Ampere

If you are curious and you would like to know how much power your apps really consume the latest version of Ampere offers you a new way.

Ampere was until now also capable to monitor the current flowing in and out of the battery, but for this you needed to open the notification area. The latest version of Ampere goes a bit further and it shows you the current direct as little notification icon. In this way you can enjoy your Android apps, and the current is always presented on the top of the display.

Here is how to use:

1.) To use this feature, you need to have the PRO version. If you don't have, then you can buy it by pushing the key icon.

2.) Open the settings menu and enable the notification.

3.) That's all. After a few seconds the measured current is visible in the notification  bar.

4.) If you wish, you can also change the notification priority. In this way you can decide the position of Ampere's notification or make it invisible in the notification bar.

How it works

In the following picture you can see how it really works:
  • Upper part: The device was just switched on, but no app was started. It can be seen, that the discharging current is 200 mA.
  • Middle part: Google Maps was started and London was tipped in in the search area. The device switched on the GPS and downloaded the corresponding part of the map. This caused a high load and the discharging current increased, it was 720 mA.
  • Bottom part: The device was connected to a charger. The current is now positive because in this case the battery was charged. The charging current was 840 mA.

You can install Ampere from Google Play: