Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dash charge detection in Ampere

Turbo charge, Dash charge etc.

There are a lot of fast charging technologies used by Android device manufacturer, but all of them have a common point - none of them are compatible with Google's pure Android. Therefore it is not easy to detect them. In fact, every manufacturer and even every device reports the state of the fast charging others.

The research and hunt for such fast charging status interfaces can even only be started if a real device is at hand or if a dedicated user has such good technical Android knowledge that he can support the developer with proper information and even with testing.

Dash charge by OnePlus (3/3T)

Luckily I got my hands on an OnePlus 3T, so I was able to do some experiments and later I was able to include the Dash charge detection into Ampere.

The picture at the top shows 3 different charge types (from left to the right):
  • Charging with an USB port of a PC
  • Charging with an USB-C wall charger
  • Charging with the manufactures own Dash charger
The OnePlus 3T plays nicely and reports everything correctly and accurate. It can be seen how big the differences between the charging currents are.

The only flaw I found is the value of the maximum USB current during the Dash charging. According to the specs it should be 4000 mA in case of Dash charge, but the system reports 1800 mA. It is not a big problem though. 

This changes are now included in the latest Ampere Beta which can be found here: Ampere Beta Testing Community on G++

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