Monday, June 29, 2015

Ampere v1.53

Ampere v1.53 has been published on Google Play


  • Battery level in notification
  • Translucent 1x1 widget added
  • Language updates
  • Bug fixes

Battery level in notification

A popular wish amongst the users was to have to possibility to have not only the current values in the notification but also the battery level. This release makes it possible.
It is of course full customizable: "Settings -> Notification settings -> Additional information"

Translucent 1x1 widget

Beside the dark and the light 1x1 widgets, Ampere has been enhanced with a new 1x1 translucent widget.

If you have further ideas and wishes to Ampere and you would like to discuss them direct with the developer and other enthusiasts, please join the Ampere beta testing community on Google Plus.

Get Ampere on Google Play

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